SEQ Technology has specialized expertise in sourcing, screening and placing talented Pega professionals at organizations across the United States. Our skilled recruiters work closely with hiring managers and our in-house PEGA experts to identify quality Pega candidates that are organizational and positional fits. If you or someone on your team has a need for Pega talent, please reach out to SEQ.

We are an IT Solutions and IT Staffing firms with deep expertise in Pega. We have deployed many Pega solutions for our clients. We also recruit and staff Pega professionals for our clients.


A case study highlights our performance.

In April of 2019, we were approached by GDIT to provide Pega resources for a project at the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs (“OJP”).

Given the difficulty of finding qualified Pega professionals that possess U.S. citizenship, GDIT needed additional sources of Pega talent. SEQ was able to rely on its pool of vetted, certified Pega professionals and placed its first Pega Architect on the project within seven (7) days of engagement. Within 45 days, SEQ had placed an additional eight (8) professionals on the project, helping GDIT meet critical delivery needs.

SEQ remains a valued GDIT partner on the Justice project, with approximately 30 professionals on the project. In addition to our work on Justice, SEQ has now expanded its relationship with GDIT, where we are an enterprise-wide Alliance Partner. Most importantly, SEQ has gained the reputation as a responsive partner always available for consultation.


SEQ can implement Pega Solutions using our in-house Pega experts and professionals. We take full ownership of delivery and manage project from inception to deployment.

SEQ can also recruit for Pega professionals for your teams. You can hire them either for a specific project and duration or on a permanent basis.

What distinguishes our recruiting capabilities from others is that we have our own in-house Pega experts who screen and qualify each and every candidate we present to our clients.